Moldavian pascal cake with cottage cheese

(Recipe suggested by Liliana)
500 g flour
25 g yeast
300 g of sugar
200 ml of milk
5 eggs
100 g of butter
750 g cheese
50 g of semolina
50 g heavy cream
zest of one lemon
100 g of of raisins
2 sachets of vanilla sugar

Moldavian pascal cake with cottage cheese


Dissolve yeast in warm milk mixed with a heaping tablespoon of flour and a spoonful of sugar (about 25-30 grams) and leave to rise. After growing up add 125 g of sugar, remaining milk and flour, melted butter, eggs, a little salt, one sachet of vanilla sugar, half the raisins and half of the lemon zest. Mix well and allowed to grow.

Mix cottage cheese with remaining sugar (150 g), heavy cream, remaining raisins and semolina.

Choose a round tray, grease with butter and dust with flour. From a piece of dough make thin rolls, long as the circumference of the tray, which twist or braid. Of the remaining dough stretching a sheet of 1.5 cm thickness, which is placed on the bottom tray. Then put braided rolls around. In the middle pour the cheese mixture and coat top with beaten egg. Allow to rise one hour, then bake at medium heat. Allow to cool in a tray.

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