Pascal with cocoa

Dough ingredients:
5 eggs
1 kg of flour
250 g of sugar
200 g of butter or margarine
2 cups of milk
50 g yeast
a pinch of salt

Filling ingredients:
6 eggs
150 g of sugar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
50 g cocoa
3 tablespoons milk

Pascal with cocoa


Place flour in a bowl. Make a dimple in the middle of the pile of flour, where you pour yeast dissolved in warm milk.
Separately, beat egg whites and yolks are mixed with sugar. Then add in the middle of the pile of flour over the yeast. Mix until it becomes a dough and no longer sticks to your hands or the sides. Add melted butter, and then allowed to rise for 2-3 hours.

The dough is divided into 3 parts. From a piece of dough spread a sheet the size of the tray in which you will bake the cake. Butter the tray and then place the sheet of dough.
Shape the remaining parts of dough in rolls that are intertwined and placed on the edges of the tray. Then allow the dough to rise for more in the tray until the filling is prepared.

To prepare the filling, separate the egg whites from yolks and place in separate bowls. Mix yolks with sugar and vanilla sugar until creamy. Mix 50 grams of cocoa with 3 tablespoons of milk and add over egg yolks, stirring well.
In another bowl, beat egg whites, pour over the yolks and mix. Then pour the cream into the tray, over the dough.

Bake in hot oven for 40-45 minutes. Slice only after it has cooled.

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